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Okay – this is a perfect little story for this Let’s Get Crazy blog. Why? It’s totally crazy!!!

Attack of the Zombie Crickets!

Back in June, our house was completely taken over by some sort of Zombie Crickets! Every night – 20 to 30 would appear in various rooms of the house. Nothing and no place was sacred!!!

Finally, we hired AZ Exterminating Company to come out and seal the entire foundation of the house. Whew! There were a few strays that had been left behind, but three or four was nothing compared to what we’d been dealing with. Within a few days – even the strays had been stamped out – so to speak…..

Now, it’s 4th of July. We attended a fun barbecue at my son’s home in Surprise, AZ. I parked my car in his driveway for the duration of the day – a pretty hot day, too! Upon leaving, we went to our car and piled in – and suddenly, the car was alive with the sound of CRICKETS!!!!

To make matters worse, my husband is hearing impaired to the point where the sound of crickets is totally null and void. He kept looking at me like I was losing my mind as I kept asking him, “Can’t you hear them????” There must be a hundred of the little demons alive and well and having a party in my car! I was pretty much freaking out for the whole 45 minute ride home and couldn’t wait to pull into the garage and start vacuuming out the singing buggers.

I jumped out of the car and ran into the house at top speed to get the vacuum – time was of the essence here!

As I opened the door from the garage into the house – BAM! The whole dang house was singing and clicking with the sound of crickets!!! What the hell??? These MUST be zombies, I snapped at my husband – who, by the way – heard nary a click! I rolled up my sleeves, took off my earrings, pulled off my bracelets and emptied my pants pockets in preparation for some heavy cricket hunting! And when I took my phone out of my back pocket – I just about screamed! The crickets were in my phone!!! And then it hit me – right between the eyes! Somehow, I had hit the icon on my phone for Relaxing Nature Sounds. Guess which one came up? YUP – that’s right! Crickets!!!! The volume was all the way up, so you can only imagine how loud they were in the car and in the house when I opened the door! Even my husband could hear the little demons now! And he started to laugh at what must have been the most ridiculous look on my face as I started to laugh – and laugh – and laugh – until tears were coming down my face!

Once I shut the phone off – the zombie crickets were finally totally gone!