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Hey – Francine here….

Welcome to This Goddess Rocks!

So, here I am in the 7th decade of my extraordinary journey and they say that by now I should have a pretty good idea of who I am and what I’m all about. Seriously? Let’s see…..

Who am I when nobody’s watching? Great question! I’ll give you a few hints ~ I am one, crazy, fun-loving, irreverent, sarcastic, genuine, empathic woman!!! How’s that for a few hints?

I am incredibly curious about the wonders and magic of life and I can be absolutely intense when the situation calls for it. I’ve been blessed with a delightfully irreverent sense of humor and I always love to make those around me happy and leave them laughing so hard they need to run to the bathroom – quick!
I do believe I am a Goddess, if only in my mind, but it has actually taken me seven long decades to really get it, believe it and feel it in my heart and soul!
I’m really looking forward to sharing my wild thoughts, crazy ideas, strong beliefs and funny stories with each and every one of you!

Hence – This Goddess Rocks!

My Cottage Muse

Well… Howdy!

A mind is like a parachute - it doesn't work unless it is open.  Frank Zappa Welcome to my Rockin' Goddess blog!  I'm not sure how this will turn out today, but I'm finally going to post a big, fat HELLO and an even bigger WELCOME to anyone who wants to partake of...

Let's Get Crazy Today

Attack of the Zombie Crickets!

Okay - this is a perfect little story for this Let’s Get Crazy blog. Why? It’s totally crazy!!! Attack of the Zombie Crickets! Back in June, our house was completely taken over by some sort of Zombie Crickets! Every night - 20 to 30 would appear in various rooms of...

My Cottage Muse

Funny You Should Ask

Let's Get Crazy Today

Maven's Haven

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